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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Diane is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has lived and practiced in Butte, MT since 2009.  She has worked with various ages and populations of people throughout her career.  Currently, she is working with people starting at age 8 to the geriatric population.  Her therapeutic areas of focus and interest are Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Bereavement.  She also addresses mental health issues related to chronic illnesses, stress reduction/management, and relationship difficulties.  She has done work in suicide prevention and risk assessment.  She has also worked with military veterans. Her practice also incorporates screening and assessment, treatment planning, and care coordination.


Diane has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, certification in chemical dependency treatment, and a Master’s degree in Social Work all from the University of Utah.  She was originally licensed as a Social Service Worker, Certified Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Utah.  She moved with her family to Montana in 2004.  She has held positions of a Certified Mental Health Professional Person in Montana and has held various supervisory roles in the mental health field as well.

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